Progressus PSA is the People-Centric, End-to-End/365 Business Solution Powering Professional Services and Project-based Businesses.

Progressus PSA is designed for Microsoft Office 365, and is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and native to the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud.

Progressus PSA – the next generation in Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

Is Progressus PSA the solution you’ve been missing?

Leverage these questions and “ask yourself” if Progressus might be of value to your business. 

Do you experience time consuming and cumbersome project creation- costing you labor hours that could be used for productivity?

A. Progressus provides Project Creation Wizards and templates to help you expedite your project creation and standardize your project tasks (if desired).

Do you have invoices that are incomplete, not easily understandable, or tough to generate?

A. Progressus PSA provides you with a complete Invoice Suggestion process, allowing you to easily see what needs invoiced, what has been invoiced, and what invoices might need to be adjusted prior to sending to the customer. Progressus provides significant invoice enhancements over D365BC standard options. 

Do you have employees in the field that need a fast, easy, ACCOUNTABLE way to enter time and expenses against a project, from anywhere, on any device, while capturing attachments and pictures, and still maintain a trackable approval process into the ERP system?

A. Progressus PSA provides mobile time and expense entry with integrated email, multi-layered approval, and can push data directly to the accounting system upon approval (no re-keying!)

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