Nodus Technologies specializes in electronic payment processing, customer payment portals, and eCommerce solutions for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM. Our expertise in payment solutions assists organizations of any size and industry with achieving PCI compliance while automating accounts receivables, expediting funding, and improving the customer experience. Nodus, now a division of EVO Payments, offers in-house payment processing to provide merchants lower processing rates along with a one-stop location for all of their payment processing needs.

Is Nodus the solution you’ve been missing?

Leverage these questions and “ask yourself” if Nodus might be of value to your business. 

Do you struggle with achieving and/or maintaining PCI compliance and payment card security?

A. All of Nodus’ solutions are certified with the PCI Security Standards Council and we offer options to remove all sensitive data from your local environment by storing it in our cloud-based processing engine.

Is your payment collection a manual process?

A. Nodus offers AR automation tools to automate invoice delivery and presentment, payment collection and processing, and cash application to the invoices in Microsoft Dynamics.

Do you think you are paying too much in credit card processing fees?

A. Nodus is our own payment processor, so we can often save our merchants a lot of money on their processing fees. In addition, with strong integrations back to the accounting system, we can reduce fees by supporting level 2 and 3 data.

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