KwikTag, by enChoice, is the one system you need for organizational digital transformation. The document management and business process automation solution manages any document, in any department or process across the organization. KwikTag captures documents from multiple sources, integrates with Dynamics ERP systems or as a stand-alone system, and automates any process from the point of capture through audit trail. It is the centralized system of record for any business document.

Is KwikTag the solution you’ve been missing?

Leverage these questions and “ask yourself” if KwikTag might be of value to your business. 

In Q1 do you move all of last year’s files into bankers boxes and into the “storage room”?

A. With KwikTag documents can start digital, stay digital and you can say goodbye to filing cabinets and storage boxes forever.

Do you receive invoices from your vendors via e-mail…and then print them out…and later scan them back into your system?

A. With KwikPayables your vendors can email invoices directly into your centralized work queue. These invoices route to your approvers for online or email approval and KwikPayables creates the transaction in your ERP. No scanning. No paper. No problem.

Does your employee expense reporting process include Excel spreadsheets, tiny paper receipts, and too many paperclips?

A. With KwikExpense receipts are digitized and then easily matched to the transaction data already in the system. Expense reports can be automatically created, routed for online or email approval and created in the ERP without anyone ever touching the print button.

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