How to Prepare

To ensure you get all of your business technology questions answered, our technology partners will be joining us at Aspire. Before attending, we recommend review the list below, selecting any topics/challenges you may want to improve or have questions about, and outlining which booths you would like to visit at Aspire.

Payroll Processing – Invoice Processing – E-commerce/Web Stores –

Questions about improving payroll processing?

Are you looking for better ways to process payroll in Dynamics GP? We have 10 payroll add-ons to enhance your GP Payroll experience.

Are you an employer who has struggled to comply or spent too much time trying to comply with the Affordable Care Act? We simplify ACA tracking and reporting with year-round eligibility tracking, auto populating, coding and printing the required IRS 1094-C and 1095-C forms at year-end.

Are you looking for Payroll functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? Payroll NOW by Integrity Data is the fully integrated, embedded, complete and trusted U.S. Payroll app for Dynamics 365 Business Central.

See Integrity Data.

Questions about improving invoice processing?

1. Do you experience delayed invoice processing times and lost early-payment discounts due to paper-based processes?

2. Is your approval process disjointed, cumbersome and hard to keep track of, leading to lost documents and customer service issues?

3. Are you tired of manually entering data to your Microsoft Dynamics solution?

See Metafile.

Questions about improving the shopping experience of your online store?

1. Do your client’s consistently order offline because they find your web store experience clunky and hard to use?

a. With Sana Commerce you can help your clients find what they need quickly and efficiently with product filtering, advanced search, navigation possibilities and you can make your entire catalogue available in a clear, comprehensive, and current format.

2. How quickly can you capture a web order and complete the fulfilment process?

a. Sana’s e-commerce solutions automates order processing, eliminating manual entry errors and expediting fulfilment.

3. Do you experience difficulties with managing inventory and pricing per customer account for your web store, sometimes selling out-of-stock or incorrectly priced items?

a. All product information is managed in one system, Microsoft Dynamics. This means you’ll never sell out-of-stock products or items at the wrong price again as discrepancies between two systems are eliminated.

See Sana.